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Enhance Your Proficiency and Understanding of AKKI KENPO by Attending the AKKI Summer Camp!

parker mills photosSummer is here and it's time for the next Paul Mills International Kenpo Camp in Evanston, WY. Join us for KENPO training for all belt levels July 7th-9th!

Fly into Salt Lake International Airport and take a quick 60 minute ride up the canyon on I-80 east to Evanston, Wyoming to participate in our April AKKI International Kenpo Camp.

Learn from myself and our AKKI seniors as we cover a wide range of concepts, principles, theories, and ideas. Learn the how's and why's of our AKKI Kenpo where the curriculum was developed in the place that AKKI KENPO was born.

“Kenpo is a precious gift that has been shared with you. The way you live your Kenpo is your Kenpo gift to those practitioners who come after.” -- Paul Mills

I have many new insights, principles, and concepts to share on the AKKI curriculum that I have not yet covered. I have many surprises in store. As with every camp, we will also have testing available with our International Black Belt Board of Examiners.

Not only will we have the material, knowledge and insights available, you'll also be able to visit the many places that have helped guide and inspire me with the development of our AKKI curriculum.

During this AKKI gathering in the high elevations of the Wyoming mountains, you will definitely feel the excitement and enthusiasm of the KENPO spirit and gain new found inspiration and insights in the AKKI curriculum.

When the AKKI started, we were one of the early pioneers in innovation of the Kenpo system and continue to open new grounds and blaze new territories for future generations of AKKI members as we embrace the future and accept change; just as Mr. Parker encouraged us to do.

"To the fearful change is threatening... to the hopeful it is encouraging... to the confident it is inspiring." -- Paul Mills

I was very fortunate to have spent ten years sharing every real life street experience I had with Mr. Parker in private and having him share with me his stories, insights, wisdom and feedback so that I could enhance my knowledge and understanding of KENPO. In this way, I learned two fold from my experience.

It was a great opportunity and privilege to have these private discussions with Mr. Parker. He always loved this feedback and hearing about what I experienced in the street.

I had many stories to share having worked in security at my nightclub during the Oil Boom days where the oil riggers and cowboys would come together like gun slingers of the old West. I had to deal with hundreds of situations where some went quietly and others did not.

"Pure logical thinking cannot yield us any knowledge of the empirical world; all knowledge of reality starts from experience and ends in it. Proposition arrived at by purely logical means are completely empty of reality." -- Albert Einstein

In addition to the feedback Mr. Parker gave me and my personal experience, the AKKI curriculum was also developed through many years of my black belts experience in the street. We used this combined knowledge, wisdom and insight to help guide us innovate our system of AMERICAN KENPO and will be sharing some of this information here at the camp as well.

"A practitioner must be guided by instinct, experience and logic to survive a street altercation." -- Paul Mills

Stay in the same hotel that Mr. Parker would stay and where many lessons were passed on to me over the ten years I spent with him. He came to Evanston on many occasions staying at the Best Western Dunmar Inn where he taught many private lessons, seminars, and conducted testing for not only KENPO practitioners in Evanston, but the surrounding area.

While here, I did countless speed shooting demonstrations for Mr. Parker and we had many discussions on the various principles and concepts that govern how to obtain optimum speed in a blink of an eye. We spoke at length about how some of the same concepts and principles used apply to a knife, club and empty hand.

I will go into great depth on the influence fast draw had on my KENPO. Learn how and why these were incorporated into AKKI KENPO and how you can achieve this same explosive speed and power. Learn about the explosive mind set, anatomical positions, advanced motion patterns, speed patterns, power patterns, and angles that help bring our techniques to life.

I will also have all of our latest AKKI exclusive merchandise available including aluminum trainers, T-shirts, training and music CD's, newly designed AKKI T-Shirts and more.

Don't miss out on all of this exclusive information!


AKKI President and Founder
10th Degree Black Belt

P.S. Don't forget to call the Best Western today at 1-307-789-3770 to make your room reservations before everything fills up!

Open to current members of the American Kenpo Karate International.
No spectators or Video Cameras.